X-RAY CE Announces The Release Of “Spine Imaging, 3rd Edition” Continuing Education Course For Imaging Professionals


X-RAY CE is proud to release Spine Imaging, 3rd Edition, a continuing education course for imaging professionals. Offering 12 Category A+ credits that are ASRT approved, this course discusses 200 case studies to challenge the imaging professional’s knowledge on a full range of topics in spine imaging. Each case includes images, supporting literature references, and a commentary to help gain a better understanding of how the correct diagnosis was reached. Emphasis on pathological conditions and clinical features are discussed as well.

Spine Imaging, 3rd Edition is available as a traditional home study course and as an E-Course for $94.95 and includes book or ebook, posttest and online testing using X-RAY CE’s online testing center.

X-RAY CE has been assisting imaging professionals with their continuing education needs since 2001 and has one of the largest selections of course modalities for the x-ray industry.

Learn more at: xrayce.com

MRI Shows Disrupted Connections In The Brains Of Young People With ADHD

A new study has found that children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) have disrupted connections between different areas of the brain that are evident on resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rfMRI). These findings, which are published online in the journal, Radiology, help provide objectively accurate, early diagnosis of the disorder that affects about 5% of children.

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New Continuing Education Courses For Imaging Professionals


X-RAY CE announces the release of two new courses, “Musculoskeletal Imaging, the Requisites” and “Breast Imaging Case Reviews” for continuing education imaging professionals. A must read for any imaging professional, Musculoskeletal Imaging, the Requisites is available as a home study course complete with textbook or as an E-course for those in a hurry, posttest and online testing. This course provides 34 Category A+ credits and is ASRT approved.

Breast Imaging Case Reviews is available as a home study course and an E-Course for those that are in a hurry and need instant access to course materials. This course provides 11.5 Category A+ credits and is ASRT approved.

Learn more about each of these two new courses at X-RAY CE.

XRAY CE Releases New Course: Gastrointestinal Imaging

This new continuing education course for imaging professionals discusses over 200 gastrointestinal cases and is avaialble in traditional textbook or online e-course. Gastrointestinal Imaging by X-RAY CE grants 15 category A+ credits and is ASRT approved. X-RAY CE offers one of the largest selections of continuing education courses for x-ray professionals. Learn more by visiting X-RAY CE.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness

October is breast cancer awareness month, and there are several
organizations that you can donate to such as the Susan G. Komen Foundation.
“When it’s caught in its earliest stages, breast cancer is 98 percent
survivable,” says Laura Farmer Sherman, the executive director of Susan G.
Komen in San Diego.

On Tuesday, the San Diego Chargers sponsored an event at Qualcomm Stadium
providing free mammograms for more than 90 uninsured women that exceeded all
expectations reaching full capacity within an hour.

X-Ray CE, provider in continuing education for imaging professionals, is
donating $10 for every order it receives during the month of October when
customers use coupon code “KOMEN” during online checkout. X-Ray CE’s ASRT
approved Home Study and E-courses fulfill continuing education requirements
(visit http://xrayce.com).

Organizations you can donate to:

National Breast Cancer Foundation: http://www.nationalbreastcancer.org
Susan G. Koman Breast Cancer Foundation: http://komen.org
American Breast Cancer Foundation: http://www.abcf.org

X-RAY CE E-Courses and Online Testing Helps Expedite CE Credits For Imaging Professionals

Medical imaging professionals turn to X-Ray CE’s E-Courses when they are in a hurry to receive their CE credits. The E-Courses can be done completely online without having to wait for a textbook in the mail, and include online reading material, online testing, and instant certificate issuance.

X-Ray CE currently offers 29 E-Courses in a variety of imaging modalities. Imaging professionals that already have textbook, and just need to purchase a test can simply select the “Download Test” option.

Browse the selection of E-Courses at: http://xrayce.com/ecourses.html

Don’t Let Your CE Biennium Sneak Up On You!

Get your required continuing education done with a discount of $10 off through X-Ray CE.

X-Ray CE offers traditional text book courses as well as e-courses that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and offers online testing for instant certificate issuance. Use promotion code “BIENNIUM” at check out. This code expires on Sunday, September 15, 2013. X-Ray CE has one of the largest selections of continuing education courses exclusively for imaging professionals.

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Researchers Say Cut Kids Radiation Dose to Prevent Future Cancers

Future cancers caused by CT scans done on pediatric patients could be prevented by cutting the radiation dose according to Diana Miglioretti, PhD and colleagues of the University of California Davis.

Roughly four million pediatric CT scans that are performed each year are projected to induce development of cancers during the patient’s lifetime. Reducing the highest 25% of radiation doses to the median observed doses would be expected to prevent 43% of those cancers


The estimated lifetime risks of cancer related to radiation from CT scans were greater among those ages 5 to 14, girls, and those undergoing scans of the abdomen/pelvis.

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